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Need and agent? Use the links below to search for one.

AuthorLink Agent Listing

Bowker's Literary Market Place of Agents Directory

Preditors&Editors Agents List

Writer's Net Agent Listing


FAQ on Literary Agents

Loft Literary Center

Poets&Writers Guide to Publishing

The Published Writer

SharpWriter Resource Guide

Write On Track Freelancing


The WritersNet

The Write Start Resource Guide


Looking for a publisher? Take a look at a few of these sites.

Allstory ePublishers

Directory of ePublishers

Literary Market Place of Publishers

Preditors&Editors Publisher Listing

Publisher's Catalogue: 7000 listings

SharpWriter Publishers List

Suite 101: On-line Publishing



Anatomy of a Murder

Elements of Style by Wm Strunk, Jr.


iTools Language Tools

Law of Homicide

Merriam-Webster Online

Online English Grammar

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