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Christian Connection

The Christian Writer's Network

    Fresh from a conference at my church where I and over 200 women of varied denominations gathered to listen to inspirational speaker, Carol Kent, I began to think about where Christians went on the Internet to showcase their writing, talk about their faith, and discuss the Bible.  The Lord placed it upon my heart to create a site designed to welcome writers of faith.
    In these pages you'll find links to research sites, links to other Christian sites, and links to publishers and agents who market Christian fiction and non-fiction.  You'll find a story forum where you can showcase chapters of novels, short stories, flash fiction, and poetry.  You'll find a discussion forum dedicated to writing and one dedicated to the Lord.
    Within these pages you'll find writers like yourself who are honing their craft, telling stories of faith, and giving the gift of inspiration.  Stop by to read, to post a comment, or to get an uplifting message.  Just stop by and fellowship.  You'll be glad you did!
    I hope you enjoy the site.  Your suggestions and comments are always welcome.  Skip over to the Contact Me page and send me a message. 
    God Bless and have a great day!

Got a story to tell?  A message to share?  Then the Write Connection is for you!  This story forum is for writers of Christian fiction and non-fiction.  You'll find ten forums in which to display your work.  Looking for a publisher?  Agent?  Editor?  Then Plug Into Publishing and browse our links that will take you directly to their websites without ever leaving this one!  Need help with research?  Can't get the grammar bugs out?  Having trouble with submission formats?  Then check the Fuse Box because we have plenty of links to meet all your needs!  Sold a book?  Published your memoirs?  Collaborated on a novel?  Why not feature it right here on our Praise Page?  Talk about free advertisement!  Have a need for fellowship?  Got a question that just needs to be answered?  It's time to use the Fellowship Fone and dial into the help you need or the advice you can give. This chat room's open 24/7!  Check out the monthly column on the Editor's Edge.  You'll never know what you'll find there unless you read it!

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I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me.
Philippians 4:13 King James

Launch Date: 09/22/02