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Personal Information
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How it all began . . .

My Love of Writing

actually started for me in the fourth grade. Mr. McCullough was a substitute teacher for one semester and I clearly remember him taking an interest in me and the stories I used to write for my friends. Because of his guidance and encouragement, I grew to love the art of the written word. Because of the love and support of my parents I grew to be a dreamer reaching for the stars.

I've always had a love for the performing arts . . . theatre, opera, old musicals . . . and a strong desire to put down in words things I experienced that touched me in a strong creative way. I enjoy describing people, places, images and feelings in such a way that they come alive literally for the audience I have targeted.

As a stage actress I get the thrill of the applause of the audience from a full house. On stage the charade continues and I can be anyone on earth in any time period in any setting. There simply is nothing quite like the instant gratification of a live performance and an appreciative audience.

Some call me an optimist, a dreamer, a person in love with life. When I see a tree, I see strong boughs dressed in brown-gray flannel adorned with brilliant colors of the season reaching heavenly in praise of the God which created it. If all you see is the tree then perhaps this is not the site for you.

These talents and abilities are blessings from God and I can take no credit.

(c) August 2001 BeaWare
All rights reserved

Writing Credits:

The following have been produced and performed live on stage:

The Boy Who Loved Flowers . . . a children's play

The Murder of Tim Burr . . . a play in three acts

Murder at Boddy School for Girls . . . a play in three acts

Bible Park . . . a puppet series for children that enables them to learn basic Bible stories.
Current Publications:
The Lincoln Room...A taut thriller revolving around a series of murders dating back to the early 1800s.  This spellbinding, tightly woven novel will be released in 2005 by Books Unbound Publishing.  Pick up your copy soon!
Red and Green Trappings...a short story appearing in Curious Incidents: Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Vol II, a compilation book by Mad for a Mystery publications.  June 2003
Tag, You're Donard Publishing
August 2003 Writing Competition Winner
Various other short stories, poems, and articles published down through the years.