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This space reserved for blatant self-promotion of the users of this site.

Donard Publishing's August '03 Short Story Winner!
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When Kitty and Rich decided to play Laser Tag, they had no idea it could cost them their lives!

A collection of Sherlock Holmes pastiche and short
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stories featuring our very own Kristin "Pompey" Vichich's story The Adventure of the Lodger's Secret

Julie Barnes has no illusions about the nature of
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men . . . or ambition. Both destroyed her mother. She had no desire to make the same mistake.

Mary Corbett marries Jack Windom and they renovate
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the La Fleur plantation and open the Blue Moon Bed & Breakfast Inn. But bright flames cast shadows.

A collection of Sherlock Holmes pastiche and short
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stories featuring our very own Valerie 'BeaWare' Patterson's story GREEN AND RED TRAPPINGS.

A charming collection of short stories published
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by Tall Tales and featuring our very own Magda 'Cat' Jozsa's story GOD'S DISCIPLE!

Jason Parks grew frustrated as a detective on the
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NYPD and if he hadn't resigned his nearly incessant drinking would have gotten him canned.

Shadows of the Past by Elizabeth Forsyth
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An Australian Writer. Regular WALL denizens know her better as Iris Leach, Live Chat guest!